Beta Upsilon (BY)

 Luke 4 website

Name: Luke Balas
Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA
Year/Major: Sophomore/ Accounting
Instrument: Clarinet
Family: McKenzie
Big Brother: Alicia Davis
Big Sister: Joe Ziemer
Little Sister: Emma Sawyer
Hidden Talent: Dance
Fun Fact!: I conducted my high school band at the Magic Kingdom Parade in Disney World

 bella (2)

Name: Bella Broaddus
Year/ Major: Sophomore/ Social Work
Hometown: Williamsburg, VA
Instrument: Flute/ piccolo
Family: Shaffer- Niebergall Nick Branch
Big Brother: Brian Oliver
Big Sister: Sarah- Marie Wood
Hidden Talent: Beatboxing (but not really)
Fun Fact!: I’m studying abroad in Canada this summer!


Name: Alex Conis
Year/ Major: Sophomore/ Communications Studies and Modern Foreign Languages
Hometown: Harrisonburg
Instrument: Tuba
Family: Shaffer Niebergall Happy Red Dog
Big Brother: Mara Berkland
Big Sister: Jessica Myers
Hidden Talent: I can move my left ear up and down
Fun Fact!:Since the protein content in eggs is similar to blood, blood can be used to replace eggs or so I’ve heard.

 rach (2)

Name: Rachel Gonsalves
Year/ Major: Junior/ Anthropology
Hometown:Yorktown, VA
Instrument: Clarinet
Family: Shaffer- Niebergall Happy Red Dog
Big Brother: Natalie Coppola
Little Brother: TJ Hindley
Big Sister: Danielle Essig
Hidden Talent: I love to sing!
Fun Fact!: I’ve never seen Lord of the Rings!


Name: Hailey Kent
Year/ Major: Sophomore/ Nursing
Hometown: Leesburg, VA
Instrument: Tuba
Family: Shaffer- Niebergall Nick Branch
Big Brother: Shannon Light
Little Brother: Shelby Lee
Big Sister: Amber Harrison
Little Sister: Jane Aronds
Hidden Talent: I can do practically anything with a sousaphone on
Fun Fact!: I’m practically ambidextrous


Name: Andrew Liverman
Year/Major: Sophomore/ History
Hometown: Chesapeake, VA
Instrument: Trombone
Family: Shaffer- Niebergall Happy Red Dog
Big Brother: Amanda McBryde
Big Sister: Jared Aguilar
Little Sister: Diana Green
Hidden Talent: I can make seven second sandwiches
Fun Fact!: I once found $20 in a gutter

 Tyler 4 website

Name: Tyler Wagner
Year/Major: Sophomore/ Psychology
Hometown: Buchanan, VA
Instrument: Trombone
Family: McKenzie
Big Brother: Alex Rivero
Big Sister: Olivia Bonnette
Little Sister: Morgan Felix
Hidden Talent: I can balance a trombone on my face without using my hands.
Fun Fact!: I was an extra in a movie


Name: Cameron Wilhelm
Year/Major: Sophomore/Psychology
Hometown: Reston, VA
Instrument: Mellophone
Family: Shaffer- Niebergall Nick Branch
Big Brother: Laura Sylke
Little Brother: Sarah Humphreys
Big Sister: Mac Palao
Little Sister: Kiersten Dodson
Hidden Talent: Snowboarding
Fun Fact!: I’ve broken four bones


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