Beta Rho (BP)


Name: Mara Berkland
Office: Treasurer
Hometown: Arlington, VA
Year/Major: Senior/Architectural Design
Minor: Studio Art
Instrument: Mellophone
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Happy Red Dog Branch
Big Brother: Rory Salzberger
Little Brother: Alex Conis
Big Sister: Audrey Leathers
Little Sister: Isabel Wood
Favorite Song: There is a Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths
Favorite Dessert: Cupcakes
Where’s Waldo?: Hogwarts Astronomy Tower


Name: Natalie Coppola
Hometown: Downingtown, PA
Year/Major: Senior/Hospitality Management
Instrument: Mellophone, Flugelhorn, Voice
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Happy Red Dog Branch
Big Brother: Laura Milford
Little Brother: Rachel Gonsalves
Big Sister: Emilee Higgins
Little Sister: Sarah Parker
Favorite Song: Faithfully by Journey
Favorite Dessert: Fresh fruit dipped in chocolate
Where’s Waldo?: I think it’s more important to make sure you know yourself, once you find your true self and inner beauty Waldo will emerge to you in a dream of beautiful red and white stripes. Only then will you truly know where Waldo was hiding, because you hid him from yourself. Or more likely a candy cane forest.


Name: Shannon Light
Office: Vice President of Membership
Hometown: Branchburg, NJ
Year/Major: Senior/Music Education
Instrument: Clarinet
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Nick Branch
Big Brother: Lorin Brungard
Little Brother: Hailey Kent
Big Sister: Erin Rizzo
Little Sister: Melissa Caracciolo
Favorite Song:
Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream
Where’s Waldo?: In the practice room


Name: Amanda McBryde
Office: Executive Vice President
Hometown: Colonial Heights, VA
Year/Major: Senior/Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
Instrument: Tuba
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Happy Red Dog Branch
Big Brother: Ashley Riles
Little Brother: Andrew Liverman and Taylor Young
Big Sister: Amanda Pennypacker
Favorite Song: anything by Luke Bryan
Favorite Dessert: Edward’s Chocolate cream pie
Where’s Waldo?: Having lunch in Narnia with the boggie man


Name: Alex Rivero
Hometown: Colonial Heights, VA
Year/Major: Senior/Psychology
Instrument: Mellophone
Family: McKenzie
Big Brother: Heather Stempien
Little Brother: Tyler Wagner
Little Sister: Kaitlin Traynor
Big Sister: Peter Kosanovich
Favorite Song: All Around the World (song from a parade in Disneyland Paris
Favorite Dessert: Anything involving chocolate or pie
Where’s Waldo?: He’d rather me keep that between just us…


Name: Laura Sylke
Office: President
Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA
Year/Major: Senior/Psychology
Instrument: Trumpet
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Nick Branch
Big Brother: Sarah Moyer
Little Brother: Cameron Wilhelm
Big Sister: Kat Call
Little Sister: Bryn McIntyre
Favorite Song: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
Favorite Dessert: Red Velvet Cake
Where’s Waldo?: On the sole of your shoe. Don’t step on him!

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