Beta Theta – Spring 2008


Name: Caitlin Jane Callahan
Brother Number: 435
Status: Alumni
Offices: President, 2010-2011; Recording Secretary, 2009-2010
Hometown: Annandale, VA
Year/Major: 2011/Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology
Instruments: Euphonium and Tuba
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall SNFF Branch
Big Brother: Kyle Symons
Little Brother: Zachary Martini
Big Sister: Julia Barnes
Little Sister: Susan Davis


Name: Steven James Colella
Brother Number: 436
Status: Alumni
Offices: NED Historian and Alumni Liaison, 2011
Hometown: Mount Airy, MD
Year/Major: 2011/Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication
Instruments: Bass Clarinet and Mellophone
Family: Adams-Murray
Big Brother: Kacie Johnston
Little Brother: Carrie Barbagallo
Big Sister: Amanda Banks
Little Sisters: Catherine Patterson and Blair Ashby


Name: Rachel Elizabeth Drane
Brother Number: 437
Status: Alumni
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Year/Major: -/Music Education
Instrument: Horn
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Happy Red Dog
Big Brother: Rebecca Ledebuhr
Little Brother: Margaret Amos
Big Sister: 


Name: Brian “Gio” Giordano*
Brother Number: 438
Status: Alumni
Office Held: Treasurer, 2012-2013
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Year/Major: 2013/History
Minors: Computer Information Systems, Music, Military Science (ROTC), Political Science
Instrument: Tuba
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Nick Branch
Big Brother: Patrick Haggerty
Little Brother: Dana Rand
Big Sister: Sarah Tarrant
Little Sister: Natalie French


Name: Daril Gene Godinez, Jr.
Brother Number: 439
Status: Alumni
Year/Major: 2011/Music Education
Family: Apistolas
Big Brother: Kelsey Holland
Little Brother: Lauren Philp
Big Sister:


Name: Durrell Eric Lewis
Brother Number: 440
Status: Alumni
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Year/Major: 2012/Mathematics
Instrument: Percussion
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Happy Red Dog Branch
Big Brother: Ashley Porter
Little Brother: Kristiana Waller
Big Sister:
Little Sister: Michelle Beatty


Name: Jill Ashley Stover
Brother Number: 441
Status: Alumni
Family: McKenzie
Big Brother: Jess Cutler
Big Sister:

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