Beta Tau – Spring 2014


Name: Brent Barnes
Status: Active
Brother Number: 515
Year/Major: Freshman/SMAD
Minor: Creative Writing
Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA
Instrument: Percussion, Guitar
Family: Adams-Murray
Big Brother: Jasmine Shoemaker
Big Sister: Holly Doherty


Name: Shawna Ergenbright
Status: Active
Brother Number: 516
Year/Major: Freshman/Music Education
Hometown: Churchville, VA
Instrument: Clarinet
Family: Castells
Big Brother: Brian Devlin
Big Sister: Brandon Liu


Name: Alex Nesel
Status: Active
Brother Number: 517
Year/Major: Freshman/Psychology
Instrument: Clarinet
Hometown: Montgomery Village, MD
Family: Castells
Big Brother: Hollis Setzer
Big Sister: Danielle Essig


Name: Brian Oliver
Status: Active
Brother Number: 518
Year/Major: Junior/Music Industry
Hometown: Glen Allen, VA
Instrument: Clarinet, Saxophone
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Nick Branch
Big Brother: Kim Singree
Big Sister: Rebecca MacIntosh


Name: Gabrielle Reimann
Status: Active
Brother Number: 519
Year/Major: Psychology
Hometown: Middletown, NJ
Instrument: Alto Saxophone
Family: Castells
Big Brother: Skyelar Decker
Big Sister: Bryn McIntyre


Name: Emily Swope
Status: Active
Brother Number: 520
Year/Major: Freshman/Music Education
Hometown: Fairfax Station, VA
Instrument: Clarinet, Baritone
Family: McKenzie
Big Brother: Melanie Swogger
Big Sister: Kat Warstler


Name: Teresa Villa
Status: Active
Brother Number: 521
Year/Major: Freshman/Biology (Pre-Vet)
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Instrument: Colorguard
Family: Castells
Big Brother: Chris Seipp
Big Sister: Mac Palao


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