Beta Nu – Spring 2011


Name: Carrie Lynn Barbagallo
Brother Number: 474
Status: Alumni
Office Held: Vice President of Service, 2012-2013
Hometown: Elkridge, MD
Year/Major: 2013/Psychology
Minors: Family Studies, Spanish
Instruments: Clarinet, Mellophone, and Saxophone
Family: Adams-Murray
Big Brother: Steven Colella
Little Brother: Jasmine Shoemaker
Big Sister: Joshua Cole
Little Sister: Holly Doherty


Name: Allen Cabahug Derina
Brother Number: 475
Status: Alumni
Office Held: Executive Vice President, 2013-2014
Hometown: Accokeek, MD
Year/Major: Senior/Communication Sciences and Disorders
Minor: Music
Instruments: Clarinet and Mellophone
Family: McKenzie
Big Brother: Courtney Scott
Little Brother: Kate Landes
Big Sister: Kayla Payne
Little Sister: Erin Rizzo


Name: Sarah Jane Moyer
Brother Number: 476
Status: Alumni
Hometown: Latrobe, PA
Year/Major: Senior/Music Education
Instruments: Baritone and Euphonium
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Nick Branch
Big Brother: Danielle Halsey
Little Brother: Laura Sylke
Big Sister: Meredith Butler
Little Sister: Cynthia Clatterbuck


Name: Rory Robert Salzberger
Brother Number: 477
Status: Alumni
Office Held: Treasurer, 2013-2014, Spring 2013
Hometown: Reading, PA
Year/Major: Senior/Marketing
Instrument: Mallet Percussion
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Happy Red Dog Branch
Big Brother: Margaret Amos
Little Brother: Mara Berkland
Big Sister: Kelly Callahan


Name: Mary Constance Szabo
Brother Number: 478
Status: Alumni
Office Held: Historian, 2012-2013
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Year/Major: Senior/Music Education
Instruments: Bassoon and Tuba
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall SNFF Branch
Big Brother: Zach Martini
Little Brother: Cheyenne Montanye                              Brieanna Terppe
Big Sister: Casey Wesselman
Little Sisters: Kelsey Shore and Taylor Wolfe

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