Beta Lambda – Spring 2010


Name: Stephanie Karen Brownell
Brother Number: 458
Status: Alumni
Hometown: Midland, VA
Year/Major: 2013/Health Sciences: Public Health
Minor: Chronic Illness
Instrument: Mellophone
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Happy Red Dog Branch
Big Brother: Kim Wisener
Little Brother: Ashley Riles
Big Sister: Kaitlin Kenepp
Little Sisters: Julie McIntyre and Sarah-Marie Wood


Name: Allison Elaine Fitch
Brother Number 459
Status: Alumni
Office Held: Vice President of Service, 2011-2012
Year/Major: 2012/Social Work
Instrument: Flute and Tuba
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Happy Red Dog Branch
Big Brother: Ashley Porter
Little Brother: Laura Milford
Big Sister: Sarah Klinger
Little Sister: Kelly Callahan


Name: Melissa Nicole Gehlbach
Brother Number: 460
Status: Alumni
Offices Held: President, 2012-2013; Vice President of Brotherhood, 2011-2012
Hometown: Farmingdale, NY
Year/Major: 2013/Hospitality and Tourism Management
Instruments: Horn and Mellophone
Family: McKenzie
Big Brother: Meghan DePace
Little Brother: Heather Stempien
Big Sister: Nikki Garmer
Little Sisters: Emilee Higgins and Casey Wesselman


Name: Zachary Christopher Martini
Brother Number: 461
Status: Alumni
Office Held: Vice President of Membership, 2012-2013
Hometown: Falls Church, VA
Year/Major: 2013/Music Education
Instrument: Baritone, Bassoon, Clarinet, and Tuba
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall SNFF Branch
Big Brother: Caitlin Callahan
Little Brother: Mary Szabo
Big Sister: Sarah French
Little Sister: Megan Clinedinst


Name: Ray Charles McKiver, Jr.
Brother Number: 462
Status: Alumni
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Year/Major: 2013/Communication Studies
Minor: Music Industry
Instruments: Clarinet and Mellophone
Family: Adams-Murray
Big Brother: Dominique Paquette
Little Brother: Anthony Poehailos
Big Sister: Dani Liette
Little Sister: Shelby McCormack


Name: Carey Elizabeth Milliron
Brother Number: 463
Status: Alumni
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Year/Major: 2013/Art History
Minor: Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Instrument: Colorguard
Family: Castells
Big Brother: Emily Parker
Big Sister: Lauren Couture
Little Sister: Kim Suite

Name: Owen Gregory Mullaney
Brother Number: 464
Status: Alumni
Year/Major: 2010/
Instrument: Percussion
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Happy Branch
Big Brother: Shandra Aber
Big Sister:


Name: Courtney Paige Scott
Brother Number: 465
Status: Alumni
Office Held: Vice President of Membership, 2011-2012
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Year/Major: 2012,2013/Elementary Education; 2012/Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
Minor: Elementary Education
Instrument: Baritone
Family: McKenzie
Big Brother: R.J. Hill
Little Brother: Allen Derina
Big Sister: Alexa Painter

Name: Mary Elizabeth Taylor
Brother Number: 466
Status: Inactive
Hometown: South Hill, VA
Year/Major: Senior/Music Education
Instrument: Trumpet
Family: Apistolas
Big Brother: Dan Rowson
Big Sister: Kayla Doescher

Name: Kristiana Marie Waller
Brother Number: 467
Status: Inactive
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Year/Major: 2012/Modern Foreign Languages
Minors: Medical Spanish, Legal Spanish,
Spanish-English Translation/Interpretation
Instrument: Colorguard
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Happy Red Dog Branch
Big Brother: Durrell Lewis
Big Sister: Kari Farinholtz


Name: Rebecca Joy Wolfe
Brother Number: 468
Status: Alumni
Hometown: Tolland, CT
Year/Major: 2013/Social Work
Minors: Family Studies, Spanish
Instrument: Mellophone
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Happy Red Dog Branch
Little Brother: Andrea Currence
Big Sister: Julia Barnes

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