2012-2013 Executive Board

Congratulations to the newly installed 2012-2013 Executive Board!  On behalf of the Eta Omicron chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, I look forward to a wonderful and successful 32nd year of serving the college and university bands!

Allen Derina, BN Sp. 11

Executive Board Standing Committee Heads
President: Melissa Gehlbach
Executive Vice President: Jonathan Rivas
Vice President of Membership: Zachary Martini
Vice President of Service: Carrie Barbagallo
Vice President of Brotherhood: Dana Rand
Secretary: Zachary White
Treasurer: Brian Giordano
Historian: Mary Szabo
Immediate Past President: Daniel Singer
Membership Education: Zachary Martini
Service: Carrie Barbagallo
Brotherhood/Social: Dana Rand
Fundraising: Brian Giordano
Alumni/Correspondence: Zachary White and Mary Szabo
Ad Hoc Committee Heads
Webmaster: Allen Derina

Executive Board

Name: Melissa Gehlbach
Class: Beta Lambda (BΛ)
Hometown: Farmingdale, NY
Year/Major: Junior/Hospitality and Tourism Management
Instruments: Horn and Mellophone
Family: McKenzie
Big Brother: Meghan DePace
Little Brother: Heather Stempien
Big Sister: Nikki Garmer
Little Sister: Casey Wesselman
Favorite Ice Cream: Cherry Garcia
Favorite Exotic Animal: Fox
Favorite Disney Villain: Ursula the Sea Witch

Executive Vice President

Name: Jonathan Rivas
Class: Beta Mu (BM)
Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Year/Major: Junior/Geographic Science
Minor: Spanish-English Translation/Interpretation
Instruments: Clarinet and Mellophone
Family: Castells
Big Brother: Dan Singer
Little Brother: Hollis Setzer (MC)
Big Sister: Ashley Butler
Little Sister: Eric Severn
Favorite Ice Cream: Peanut Butter Cup
Favorite Exotic Animal: The Barreleye Fish
Favorite Disney Villain: Yzma

Vice President of Membership

Name: Zachary Martini
Class: Beta Lambda (BΛ)
Hometown: Falls Church, VA
Year/Major: Junior/Music Education
Instrument: Clarinet
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall SNFF Branch
Big Brother: Caitlin Callahan
Little Brother: Mary Szabo
Big Sister: Sarah French
Little Sister: Megan Clinedinst (MC)
Favorite Ice Cream: New York Super Fudge Chunk
Favorite Exotic Animal: Siberian Tigers and Narwhals
Favorite Disney Villain: Edgar (The Aristocrats)

Vice President of Service

Name: Carrie Barbagallo
Class: Beta Nu (BN)
Hometown: Elkridge, MD
Year/Major: Junior/Psychology
Minors: Family Studies, Spanish
Instruments: Clarinet, Mellophone, and Saxophone
Family: Adams-Murray
Big Brother: Steven Colella
Big Sister: Joshua Cole
Favorite Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Vice President of Brotherhood

Name: Dana Rand
Class: Beta Mu (BM)
Hometown: Washington Township, NJ
Year/Major: Junior/Communication Sciences and Disorders
Instrument: Colorguard
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Nick Branch
Big Brother: Brian “Gio” Giordano
Little Brother: Lorin Brungard
Big Sister: Hillary Benedict
Little Sister: Leslie Johnson
Favorite Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
Favorite Exotic Animal: Koala Bear
Favorite Disney Villain: Hades from Hercules


Name: Zack White
Class: Beta Xi (BΞ)
Hometown: Bassett, VA
Year/Major: Junior/Psychology and Sociology
Instrument: Percussion
Family: McKenzie
Big Brother: T.C. Sasser
Big Sister: Julie McIntyre
Favorite Ice Cream: Strawberry
Favorite Exotic Animal: Ocelot
Favorite Disney Villain: Scar


Name: Brian “Gio” Giordano
Class: Beta Theta (BΘ)
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Year/Major: Super Senior/History
Minors: Computer Information Systems, Music, Military Science (ROTC), Political Science
Instrument: Tuba
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall Nick Branch
Big Brother: Patrick Haggerty
Little Brother: Dana Rand
Big Sister: Sarah Tarrant
Little Sister: Natalie French
Favorite Ice Cream: Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream
Favorite Exotic Animal: Chimpanzee
Favorite Disney Villain: Charles F. Muntz


Name: Mary Szabo
Class: Beta Nu (BN)
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Year/Major: Sophomore/Music Education
Instruments: Bassoon and Tuba
Family: Shaffer-Niebergall SNFF Branch
Big Brother: Zach Martini
Big Sister: Casey Wesselman
Little Sister: Kelsey Shore (MC)
Favorite Ice Cream: Strawberry
Favorite Exotic Animal: Turtle and Tiger
Favorite Disney Villain: Doctor Facilier (The Princess and the Frog)


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