Featured Brother: Daniel Singer

Dan Singer, BK Sp. ’09, was featured in a concert program at a recent event at the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts!  Below is a copy of the article:

Making a Difference:
Daniel Singer

The bassoon, the French horn, the banjo, the pipa and the mellophone.  Name the instrument, and Daniel Singer probably plays it.  Singer’s musical ride began in high school after a friend told him about the need for mellophone players in the marching band.  Singer picked up the French horn-like instrument and taught it to himself.

“The best way to learn how people perform is to do it yourself,” says Singer.  The JMU senior discovered he had an interest in learning how people perform, and changed his major from Music Education to Anthropology during his sophomore year.  Recently, Singer has taken an interest in Chinese music and is learning how to play the pipa, a Chinese stringed instrument.  Singer became inspired to play the pipa after hearing internationally renowned pipa virtuoso, Wu Man.  “I heard her play and thought it was the most beautiful sound.”

Along with a passion for music, Singer loves to teach.  With aspirations of teaching at the college level someday, he is involved with the JMU Teach Program, an experimental program that allows undergraduates to propose, initiate and facilitate their own classes.  His class, “Why Do We Make Music?,” looks at music in different aspects of our everyday lives.

Music has definitely played an important role in Singer’s everyday life at JMU.  Playing the mellophone for the Marching Royal Dukes since his freshman year, Singer has spent many hours honing his craft.  But that time commitment has come with a payoff.  “Participating in the MRD has given me the closest friends I have ever had.  It has taught me hard work, responsibility and how to be a good student that is dedicated to multiple things.”

The future looks bright for Daniel Singer.  Best wishes and thank you for being the change!


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