Last Summer Update

Welp, this is Eta Omicron’s website!  You like it?  After a really rough re-self-taught crash course on HTML, this site is everything I envisioned (despite missing some minor details) since I started working with it in May.  There will be some small tweaking here and there later in the year of course, but this website is essentially completely built.

Since my last update, the website now has these pages:

After talking with several alumni, delving for days through the archives of our listserv, as well as some serious Facebook stalking, all of the family trees should be as accurate as possible.  (Even after dozen of corrections, if something doesn’t look right, let me know!)  I want to thank Erin Cooper, Kim Wisener, Michelle Turenne, Greg Armstrong, Sam Cavaliere, David Heller, Kim Cochran, and Mike Lindsay for helping me get the facts straight.  Many thanks again to Dominique for making the trees!

This will probably be my last update for the summer until school starts in the fall.  I’ll be leaving for the Philippines in just a few hours for about three weeks.  (As if I wasn’t far away enough from my bros.)  But while I’m away, I encourage you to subscribe to Eta Omicron’s blog!  You can do so by clicking on the “Sign me up!” button on the right side of the home page. (Weekly and daily digest options are available.)  See ya in the fall!

Allen Derina, BN


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